BOSS LS-2 LINE SELECTOR electric guitar

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BOSS LS 2 LINE SELECTOR guitar effect

The basic element of the cube is the MODE multi-position switch, which we set
what kind of connection or other configuration we can get. Six positions and inputs
outputs (2xSEND and RETURN and INPUT and OUTPUT) allow us to connect
in the following configurations:
1. A-B selection of one(A) or the other(B)line, e.g. for solos or accompaniment,
to select instruments or amplifiers, to choose the volume of the levels.
2. A-BYPASS - by pressing the pedal, we have a choice between line A and BYPASS
(bypassing effects) and selecting one or the other setting.
3. B-BYPASS as before, but with line B.
4. =>A=>B=>BYPASS => - three lines can be selected: A, B or BYPASS in the same
order and, for example, the selection of one of the three instruments.
5. =>A + B MIX=>BYPASS=> - by pressing the pedal, alternatively we get a selection
line A together with line B, which can create a new effect with this mix.
In addition, you can combine the effect line with the direct sound (dry) of the guitar,
which creates another effect.
6. OUTPUT SELECT - by pressing the pedal alternately, we get the output in order of
A , B or BYPASS lines, i.e. OUTPUT output. Also with this setting we can make
choose from three different amplifiers.
The capabilities of this small device are, as you can see, great. Mixtures of instrument connections
amplifiers and creations, as a means of creating new convenient operating conditions - these are the advantages of not
to be overestimed for musicians with more equipment.

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