BBE DI 1000 SONIC MAXIMIZER direct box active / passive for guitarist ( Di-Box DIBOX )


Legendary and perfect guitar sound for those looking for better sound.

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BBE DI 1000 SONIC MAXIMIZER direct active / passive box for guitarist (Di-Box DIBOX)

BBE DI-1000

passive / active direct box equipped with a SONIX MAXIMIZER processor

developer: BBE USA

The DI-1000 enables work with passive (passive) impedance matching of the device through the Jensen JT -DB-EP transformer , or as an active DI where the Sonic Maximizer processor circuit can be coupled to the signal still balanced at the output through a Jensen transformer

Application: for guitarists in live concerts and in the studio

Main features:

Full BBE Sonic Maximizer functionality
Jensen JT- DB-EPC transformer
Passive or active action
0 / 15dB / 30dB pad switch
Ground Lift switch
Internal pure silver wiring
Encapsulated switches to prevent damage
Non-slip mat

Below is an article from VINTAGE Guitar

BBE DI-1000 Direct Box

Electronic frosting for your sound
Elektroniczny lukier dla twojego brzmienia

Have you ever dreamed of your guitar sound having a little more zing? A little more electricity or a sparkle with sound? If so, listen. BBE has created slick direct devices that help musicians give their instruments that extra “magic” by plugging them directly into a mixer for touring or recording.

The DI-1000 and DI-100x are super-rugged direct boxes that come in handy in countless applications - you can use them for virtually any instrument you record directly (ie via cable). For us guitarists, they can be especially useful for the direct recording of acoustic guitars. Often times, DI'd's acoustics sound flat or false, especially if you're using certain passive piezo pickups. But these boxes can bring these guitars to life as they both feature BBE famous Sonic Maximizer circuits. A little knob adjustment is all it takes and suddenly your guitar tone comes back from the dead - almost like you put on a new string set. The DI-100x 1/4 line output allows independent use of Sonic Maximizer; great for guys who want to use it on their device but don't have space for a stand.

In addition to the Sonic Maximizer benefits, each unit has pad buttons (-15dB on the DI-100x and -30dB on the DX-1000), so you can connect warmer sources - such as the output of the amp head - and lower it to line level for recording. The DI-1000 also has a Jensen JT-DB-EP transformer to help match impedance levels, in either passive or active mode with Sonic Maximizer (meanwhile the DI-100x is a purely active unit). And while the Maximizer shines in its high frequencies, the Lo Contour knobs on each box help you select the low and medium tones you like. I tested these devices with the Strat, Les Paul and Wechter acousto-electric and was happy with it.

In short, these two BBE will take whatever instrument you're trying to record directly (or plug into a mixer at a concert) - guitar, bass, drum machine, etc - and make it sound better, all without an amp anywhere in sight . Bigger, louder, cleaner, more powerful: this is the purpose of the DI-100x and DI-1000, and they are hugely successful. What's more, each one is built like a tank, which will give you years (if not decades) of use. Think of them as Swiss knives for their sound - so many uses and all of them are good.


"Both DIs [DI-1000 & DI-100x] sounded sweet, clear, airy and squeaky clean. The BBE 's real strength is providing uncolored sound ... When I turned off the Maximizer, I just wanted it back on again - it's kind of addictive. [The BBE DIs offer] a quality DI with the added weapon of the Sonic Maximizer - an option you won't find on any other direct box ... "

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