ETC SMARTFADE 1248 theatrical DMX light controller

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SmartFade' ETC solutions are another part of the Smart series, more than just a simple, small console. Beneath the compact housing, there is an extraordinary power for these sizes. The driver can assume the role of the main control console or backup device. It gives you the ability and convenience to operate higher models of ETCconsoles, and most importantly you do not need to be an expert in lighting. Just a moment dedicated to learning and you can already go on stage! The device is available in two versions: SmartFade 1248, 1296, 2496.
The controller is designed to give users all the means to program the light show. SmartFade has three operating modes: Two Present Mode, Normal Mode and Backup Mode.
For untrained operators, TWO PRESENT mode allows easy control of 12 or 24 channels with the possibility of manual or temporary change of interference, thanks to crossfade sections, FLASH buttons and master potentiometer.
NORMAL mode is designed for more advanced operators, allowing access to 48 or 96 channels, the settings of which can be saved (depending on the versionSmartFade) in 288 or 576 memory cells and in 48 sequences!
The DMX512 input allows you to use SmartFade as a backup device for any DMX console. In BACK UP mode, the device provides 23 or 47 dumps of 512 DMX channels, stored as dimmer level images.
SmartFade is also smart buttons that use the latest elastomeric technology and LED backlighting. Thanks to this, depending on the function of the key, it takes on a different color, clearly informing the user about it ... The backlight intensity can be adjusted and adjusted to fit the environment. Thanks to this, the system of colored codes will be optimally zarin the sun and in a dark room ...

- 48 channels

1 pair of CrosFade, Master Fader with BlackOut button, potentiometer for two additional devices.
24 multifunctional potentiometers acting as manual field (2 banks of 24 potentiometers) and Submasters (24 potentiometers x 12 pages)

Cue, Cue Stack, Sequence

288 memory

operation of automatic lights

operation of convection lights
Possibility of two-stage operation

other features
- Built-in SD card reader
- rack mount 19"
DMX512 in/out (XLR 5)
MIDI (in/out)

SD Memory Card

- compact housing
- modern keys with multifunctional backlighting
- multifunctional LCD display
- easy operation and programming
- built-in SD card reader
- two-step mode
- attractive price
3 kg
height: 64 mm
width: 457 mm
depth: 254 mm
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