VESTAX PMC-280 mixer with effector for DJ

PMC 280
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VESTAX PMC-280 mixer with effector for DJ

The PMC 280 is a professional 4 channel DJ mixer with built-in processor effects for demanding.

The DSP processor operates at a frequency of 96 kHz with 24-bit processing. The sound quality and dynamics are simply stunning! The new Upfaders ensure smooth and trouble-free operation and the top-notch cross fader will add character to your scraps. The PMC 280 is your new 4 channel WORKSTATION!

Effector section:
1. Delay; 2. Echo; 3.
Reverb; 4. Flanger; 5 Ring Mod; 6. Pitch Shifter; 7. Auto Pan; 8. Vocal Cancel; 9. Vocoder; 10. Low Pass Filter; 11. Band Pass Filter; 12. Hi Pass Filter; 13, 2014, in New York.Lo Pass Filter with LFO modulation; 14. Band Pass Filter with LFO modulation; 15. Hi Pass Filter with LFO modulation; 16. Phaser


· effects processor working in 16 algorithms

· ability to control effect parameters with 2 dedicated knobs

· each channel is equipped with a 3-band graphic equalizer with insulator function

· 2 independently controlled Master outputs (RCA and XLR)

· the mixer can be extended with a USB connector. With it, you can enter a signal from any digital media. The signal is automatically routed to the 4th channel of the mixer.

· 10 inputs: 6 line, 2 turntable and 2 microphone

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PMC 280
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