VESTAX MDM-410 mixer for DJ

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VESTAX MDM-410 mixer for DJ

Multi-connection mobile audio mixer. The MDM-410 has as many as 13 inputs including 3xPHONO, 8xLINE and 2xMIC, and can be assigned up to 4 stereo channels and 2 mono channels. Outputs are 2xMASTER OUT, BOOT OUT, REC OUT adn CUE/SEND.

A big advantage of the MDM-410 is the USB I/O, which makes the system work perfectly with computer software.

The MDM-410 can support most audio devices, making it an excellent mobile DJ system.


· standard RACK size 4U

· 4 channel equalizer, dual LED indicator - MASTER and CUE METER

· 3 channel equalizers for each PGM track

· CUE button on each PGM channel used to listen to the CUE signal

· XLR-1/4 combo microphone input

· TALK OVER function with the ability to adjust the mute force

· built-in BNC socket for additional lighting

· 2-channel MIC track equalizer and signal level control for BOOTH and MASTER2

· crossfader from the function of switching supported channels

· RCA AUX input port for MP3 player or computer

· 5 line inputs, 2 microphones, 3 phono/aux (switchable); all RCA standard

· master outputs (XLR and 1/4"), RECORD, BOOTH, SEND RCA, MASTER2 1/4"

· 6 built-in sound effects and ECHO

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