ZOOM R24 Multi-track digital recorder

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Another product from ZOOM is another revolution. This time, one device with relatively small dimensions combines an extremely functional multi-track recorder, an audio interface to the computer with control for DAW programs and a sampler.
The recorder itself allows you to simultaneously record 8 tracks and play up to 24 tracks in 16/24-bit, 44.1/48 kHz quality. The data carrier is an SD/SDHC memory card with a maximum capacity of up to 32 GB (SDHC) by saving the material directly in lossless WAV format.
In combination with the computer via USB 2.0, the R24 can operate in 24-bit/96 kHz mode as an interface, offering 8 inputs and 2 outputs. Using daw programs (Cubase LE which is added complete with the device) we can control sections of the mixer and transport keys from the device.
The 24-voice on-board sampler can operate in 16/24-bit, 44.1/48 kHz modes and allows you to use audio files on any track as looped loops (8 pads × 3 banks).
R24 also offers us an 8-voice drum machine containing 511 patterns based on 10 drum kits. The R24 also has eight dynamic backlit pads.
It is also worth noting the extensive effects processor containing 9 algorithms; 150 types; 7 INSERT and 2 SEND/RETURN modules; 330 INSERT + 60 SEND/RETURN programs. the built-in tuner and metronome will also be useful.
On the R16 panel you will find a mixer section with easy-to-read LED meters, transport buttons, a backlit LCD display and function buttons to navigate the menu.
The R24 is equipped with eight physical XLR/jack combo inputs for microphone or instrument connection, line out (L, R) and headphone output with individual volume control. The first of the Hi-Z type inputs can also be used to connect the Phantom +48V guitar power supply for condenser microphones is activated in groups for channels 3-8. When it comes to condenser microphones, the R24 itself has two built-in microphones of this type for recording stereo footage. The remaining connectors are two USB ports – TO DEVICE (communication with the computer) and TO HOST (gives the possibility to connect a usb stick as well as another device type R16 or R24, which gives the possibility to increase the number of channels recorded).
The R24 can be powered by six AA batteries or behind an external power supply.

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