ZOOM H2n digital recorder with 2GB card and software




ZOOM H2n digital recorder with 2GB card and software

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with 2GB card and software

Includes WaveLab LE 7 STEINBERG , 2GB SS memory card and two AA batteries

Compatible with SDHC cards up to 32GB

H2 was a precursor and continues to be the standard among portable audio recording devices.

Now we are proud to present after almost 4 years of the new H2n - It is the most innovative of the portable recorders available on the market.

the ZOOM H2n is equipped with as many as five microphones, operating in several configurations: in "classic" stereo (2-channel) mode, in stereo X/Y mode, in 4-channel mode and in Mid-Side mode (allowing recording, for example, the voice of the caller speaking to the recorder and at the same time capture the remaining background sounds with side microphones). The device is equipped with an LCD display, a linear audio input, an output to the monitoring headphones, a recording level dial and other control buttons. Data is stored on removable SDHC cards up to and including 32 GB of WAV (up to and including 24-bit/96 kHz) or MP3 (up to and including 320 kbps). The recorder is powered by two AA batteries, from an AC adapter, or from a USB port when connected to a computer.

Five built-in capsules
allows you to record Mid-Side (MS) stereo, 90° X/Y stereo, and 2-channel and 4-channel
registration modes
Records in WAV format up to 24-bit/96kHz and MP3 up to 320kbps
A user interface designed from the ground up
Special features including High Pass Filter, Compressor/Limiter, Automatic Setting
Gain, Pre-Rec, Auto-Rec, Reed, Metronome, Variable Playback Speed, Control
Buttons, Repeat Section A-B, File Sharing, Normalization, MP3 Encoding, Tags and
Surround Sound Mixer
Data restore protects recordings from unexpected errors
More than 20 hours of operation on two standard AA alkaline batteries
Battery, AC, and USB power supplies can be powered
1.8-inch backlit LCD screen with 128 x 64 resolution
Analog microphone gain knob
Built-in listening speaker
High Speed USB 2.0 Card Reader Feature
1/8" Microphone/Line and Headphone/Stereo Line Input
Compatible with SDHC cards up to 32GB
Includes WaveLab LE 7 STEINBERG editing software, 2GB SS memory card and two AA batteries
The optional accessory kit (APH-2n) includes a remote control with extension cord, windscreen, power supply
(USB type), USB cable, adjustable tripod, cushioned case and microphone tripod adapter

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