MARANTZ PMD 620 Portable Recorder

PMD 620



PMD620 Pocket Digital Audio Recorder

MARANTZ PMD620 is an extremely powerful pocket-sized sound recorder that allows you to record to an SD card in PCM (. WAV) or MP3. Its light weight, compact dimensions (just 62 x 102 x 25 mm), ergonomic design and ease of use make the PMD620 the ideal device for a wide audience: journalists, reporters, programme and podcast producers, musicians and sound engineers.

The device has a built-in capacitive stereo microphone for precise "aiming" and recording. The recorder is intuitive and has a thumb-operated control knob and a sensitive red-backlit recording button. The high-contrast, cost-effective organic LED (OLED) display allows precise menu display to optimally configure your device.

The recording type settings allow you to adjust the operating mode to record music or also prolonged voice recording. The device uses widely available and trusted SD cards today, and supports SDHC (SD High Capacity) standard - the size of recorded files is limited only by the capacity of the card. For a 4GB card, recording time can range from 3 hours to 44 minutes in stereo PCM mode at 24-bit/48kHz, and up to 283 hours 44 minutes (or almost 12 days) in mono MP3 mode at 32kbps.

Journalists and podcast creators appreciate the ability to edit recorded files from the device, with the option to copy and paste the edited fragment into a new file (the original file remains intact). Transcriptions are facilitated by skip back function, it is also possible to exchange files with your computer (drag and drop method) using USB 2.0 technology.

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PMD 620
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