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Casio Celviano GP-500 BP Grand Hybrid Digital Piano


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CASIO Celviano GP 500 Grand Hybrid digital hybrid piano

Color: glossy black


Important information:

The CASIO keyboards @6H2N4 a 5-year warranty

CASIO pianos can be serviced directly at the customer's site at no extra cost.

Revolutionary keyboard and perfect piano sound
The latest model CASIO GP-500 is a unique hybrid instrument.
The advanced sound module allows you to reproduce the timbre
a piano taken straight from the world-famous acoustic instruments.
The full-size keyboard with the natural length of the keys is made
made of wood, which ensures exactly the same work as on a piano.
In addition to a high level of realism, the instrument also offers everything that
what the latest digital technology can offer, i.e. the variety of sound,
audio recording, Concert Play, perfect sound
and many other options that make playing this instrument extremely inspiring.


Three types of legendary sound.
The piano timbre is available as three recorded voices
on the most popular acoustic instruments. Precisely
capturing each sound guarantees full power and depth
concert piano sound.
- Berlin Grand - balanced, elegant sound, perfect
for an impressionist game. It is characterized by exceptional color transparency in the entire range.
- Hamburg Grand - bright, rich sound. It will satisfy any looking pianist
a wide range of expression. It will work for any type of music, regardless of the style and era.
- Vienna Grand - a color with exceptionally deep bass potential.
Perfect for subtle and lively playing thanks to the sound full of warmth and softness.
It is the perfect tool for working on a classical repertoire.

- The color of Grand Berlin is the result of joint work of two leading companies in their respective fields.
The CASIO company invited one of the @0E1R2 to co-create this sound
of the most recognized acoustic piano companies - C. BECHSTEIN . D282 piano model,
a world-class instrument, meticulously studied by CASIO 's engineers,
and then exactly, sound after sound recorded. When reproducing the color at the company's premises
CASIO assisted by Werner Albrecht, Chief Engineer at C. BECHSTEIN responsible for the final
the sound of the company's pianos. This ultimately closed the entire creative process,
giving users the color perfectly reproduced.
The C. BECHSTEIN has been on the market since 1853.
The company's high-end pianos and grand pianos were chosen by
of the most outstanding composers and pianists to create timeless
of works thanks to its pristine clear color and great keyboard.
To this day, the C. BECHSTEIN company is identified with the highest values
in the art of creating acoustic instruments that are selected
to the best concert halls around the world.

Until now, CASIO instruments were covered by a 3-year warranty. From now on, you can be sure that your equipment will be protected for up to 5 years after its purchase. All this for the price of the instrument itself. Such a long warranty period is only possible due to the fact that all CASIO instruments are distinguished by their technological advancement and reliability. More details can be found in the regulations . We invite you to music salons for purchases covered by the new warranty rules.

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