SOUNDCRAFT Si Impact professional 32 channel digital mixer



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SOUNDCRAFT Si Impact professional 32 channel digital mixer

Drawing on more than 40 years of experience, Si Impact brings the latest innovations from the world of digital mixing, which, combined with the unparalleled sound quality of SOUNDCRAFT 's flagship devices, make it an unrivalled leader. Designed to be simple and intuitive in use, just like an analog mixer, but with top-notch capabilities. A huge number of improvements, such as the unique FaderGlow system, massive DSP power, high-quality audio interface, and all the necessary solutions to make it easier for you to digitally mix live without losing sound quality.

Legendary British sound.

Since humble beginnings in London more than 40 years ago, we have continued to operate and design in the UK. Thanks to SOUNDCRAFT , the term "British sound" has been defined, which is still seen as a brand of leader in live audio mixing. Acclaimed microphone amplifiers and a 'British' equalizer created by Soundcraft co-founder Graham Blythe, to this day proudly provide unflagging notoriety to the company.

Going beyond analog control.

A combination of "one knob, one function" control with the unique FaderGlow function. SOUNDCRAFT combines analog circuit with digital flexibility. FaderGlow illuminates the slider paths in different colors, precisely indicating what exactly the fader is currently doing. It can be Aux, FX and even graphic equalizer. In addition, each fader has a color LCD display giving "in a nut perceptual" information about the levels, and offers a fully customizable text bar so you can freely name the channels.

World-class effects and dynamics.

Si Impact is full of DSP power provided by recognized experts who specialize in digital effects. This means that on board the mixer we will find studio-grade reverberations, delay, LEXICONmodulations, legendary dbx dynamics and high-quality BSS graphic equalizer.

Put your module where you need it!

With built-in connectivity for the SOUNDCRAFT Stagebox, Si Impact lets you put your module where you need it. Set up the Stagebox through a team of available audio apps, or place it directly in your Cat 5 recording studio.

Flawless sound directly from DAW.

Si Impact makes recording extremely easy, fast and in excellent sound quality. This is due to the built-in USB audio interface, which has as many as 32 I/O. What's more, you'll get Ableton Live Lite 9 for free. Now all you need is to connect to your PC or MAC and you're ready to create multi-track, flawless audio recordings.

Mix remotely with iPad!®

Use Si Impact from anywhere with remote control via the iPad app. Mix audio from the event attendee's position, control the listening monitors on stage, or let musicians set their own settings using multiple wireless devices.


  • 32 microphone inputs, including 8 XLR / 1/4" microphone-line (Combo)
  • BSS graphic equalizer on each rail
  • 5- inch touch monitor
  • USB interface 32 I/32 outputs
  • Control with iPad
  • 40 digital mix inputs (32 mono and 4 stereo)
  • 8 VCA groups + 8 mute groups
  • 26 motorized silencers
  • 4-band, fully parametric equalizer on each channel
  • 31 output rails
  • 20 rails mix (8 mono + 6 stereo)
  • 4 mono/stereo matrix rails
  • Main rail LCR / LR + M
  • built-in MADI Cat5 + USB card
  • LCD displays on each channel
  • FaderGlow system
  • Ableton Live 9 Lite
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