SOUNDCRAFT Ui16 Remote Controlled Digital Mixer


Ui16 Absolute revelation. SOUNDCRAFT, DOD, DIGITECH, DBX now together on board.



SOUNDCRAFT Ui16 Remote-Controlled Digital Mixer


Music Express offers a compact mixer SOUNDCRAFT. Ui series.

Built-in Wi-Fi and full control over the mixer without apps and whether you're using Mac Os, Android, Windows, Linux or any other platform!

Mixers can be controlled from any device equipped with any web browser and can work wirelessly via built-in Wi-Fi transmitter with 10 control devices simultaneously. There is also the possibility of a wired connection RJ45.

For the smaller model, the Ui12, only the number of combo inputs is smaller, which is 4. Mixers are also equipped with a 2-channel USB file player, compatible with MP3, WAV and AIFFformats, four symmetric AUX outputs in the form of XLR sockets,two level-adjustable headphone outputs and a symmetrical XLR stereo main output and a TRS 1/4"jack.

An additional element of the Ui16 is the HDMI output, allowing you to connect an external monitor; you can also use a touch monitor while connecting it to a USB port.

Integrated WiFi

With Ui, you can forget to set up an external router. On board there is a built-in WiFi module, thanks to which you are able to wirelessly control the functions of the mixer.
You can also use a wired Ethernet connection dedicated to older devices without a wireless connection

Up to 10 devices can be connected at the same time

You decide which device has full access.
Connect up to 10 devices and assign a separate parameter access range to each device. This allows musicians to control their listening without interfering with the main mix. A revolutionary solution that will provide an even better, faster and more efficient organization on the stage.

Legendary sound processing

When choosing a SOUNDCRAFT you are always in good company. By including Ui, your presence dbx, DIGITECH and LEXICON, that is, premium effects that serve their unique, legendary quality.
Become a sound connoisseur! dbx offers advanced dynamic processing and feedback elimination, DIGITECH provides Amp/Stompbox and modeling, and LEXICON three stunning effects: reverb, delay and chorus.

Powerful digital features

Each input in Ui offers full audio processing on the channel. This means you'll get great sound on every instrument and microphone you plug in. 4-band parametric equalizer, high pass filter, compressor, De-Esser, noise gate and/or 31-band graphic equalizer... Use what you need! In addition, for convenience of use, you can create subgroups or mute groups.

Save perfectly selected settings

Snapshot system allows you to store in memory not only settings for entire performances, but also individual songs.
Need more subdued sounds for an acoustic ballad? No problem! You can reload your saved settings with a single button. A moment later, a strong rock piece will come in again, and you will return to the previous configuration without stress.

Uncompromising connections

The Ui mixer is equipped with all the sockets you need. XLR combo and microphone inputs, RCA stereo and dedicated Hi-Z input, optimized for acoustic, electric and bass guitars. Outputs include balanced XLR and 1/4" main outputs, XLR AUT and headphone jacks. What's more, there's also a USB port for 2-channel playback and recording straight to storage devices (recording only includes Ui16)


digital mixer controlled by smartphone, PC or tablet

Integrated WiFi

Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux (tablets, phones, PC)

Legendary audio processing from dbx®, DIGITECH® and LEXICON®

Remote-called and controlled microphone preampliers

4-band parametric equalizer, high pass filter, compressor, De-Esser and noise gate at channel input

31-band graphic equalizer, noise gate and compressor on all outputs

Real-Time Frequency Analyser (RTA) on inputs and outputs

3 dedicated effects processors LEXICON®: Reverb, Delay, Chorus

Subgroups, mute groups, group preview, and more control options

Ability to restore settings and secure channels

2 USB channels: play back and record audio (recording only available on Ui16

- original packaging and filling




Housing form


Free-standing rack-mounted

Built-in WiFi router



Ethernert Control



Number of inputs



XLR inputs

4 Mic/Line, 4 Mic

8 Mic/Line, 4 Mic

Hi-Z/instrument channels



Type of output

XLR and 1/4" jack

XLR and 1/4" jack

Monitor/AUX outputs

2 balanced XLR

4 balanced XLR

USB playback

2 channels

2 channels

USB stereo recording


2 channels




1/4" headphone outputs



RCA stereo input



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