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M-200i Live Mixing Console

Combination of versatile control on iPad with Professional Mixing Console

World-Class Sound Quality in All-Having Console - M-200i V-Mixer

  • 32 Channel Mixer with Moving Faders
  • 4 Range PEQ / Comp & Gate (with Keying) per channel
  • 8 AUX/ 4 Dies - with EQ, Dynamics & Delay
  • 8 DCA / 4 Mute Groups
  • 4 Stereo Effects / 4 GEQ (31 Band)
  • 24 Analog Inputs, 12 Analog Outputs and Stereo Digital Output (AES/EBU)
  • Extensible with REAC
  • Compatible with Rack 19''

The flexibility and mobility of versatile iPad control, combined with the reliability and precision of a digital professional mixing console.

- Stunning hybrid surface that combines iPad with physical control.
iPad functions as a large touchscreen. Use your iPad to intuitively control effects and other graphical manipulations, and physically control the volume with motorized faders. The advanced "Touch & Turn" surface allows you to create a more comfortable mixing environment than ever before, allowing you to touch the parameter on your iPad and control it with a physical knob.
- Highly flexible work regardless of the choice of working method.
By using the iPad, the M-200i can be controlled in different ways depending on the situation. Sound rehearsals can be controlled remotely from a scene or any location/seat in a room using an iPad. At the same time, all operations can be performed on the console using the built-in display and dedicated knobs and buttons.
- The internal or remote preamp system is digitally controlled for fully automatic setting.
The preamp control system is fully digital, so by touching the buttons all parameters can be saved or recalled instantly. The external Digital Snake can be easily connected and perfectly controlled remotely from the M-200i surface.
- M-200i Remote M-200i Remote Control iPad App
Control with your iPad, once you've tried it, you'll think about how you could have been living without it before. Perfect integration of iPad control and touch mixing surface.
By simply installing the dedicated "M-200i Remote" app, you can control all the key parameters of the M-200i from your iPad. Channel bars, channel EQ, channel dynamics, AUX shipping, scenes and other features become easily accessible. Simple swipe moves between channels, You can make faders longer for precise control. Virtually capture, squeeze or stretch the EQ chart on the big screen. The M-200i Remote is a free app available from the App Store.

Comfortable mixing with 32 input channels + Main/8AUX/4Matrix outputs.

Despite its compact size, the M-200i provides a comfortable ability to mix 32 inputs. The output corresponds to the full Main (LR) / 8 AUX / 4 Matrix specification, to support a variety of mixer applications. Each of the built-in 24 analog inputs, 40x40 channels on the REAC port, effect outputs and a recorder on a USB stick can be assigned up to 32 channels.

All input channels are equipped with two dynamic processors and a 4-range parametric EQ.

Gate/expander, compressor and 4-range parametric EQ are available on all 32 channels. The basis of a good mix begins with good channel processing, which the M-200i provides. Main/8AUX/4Matrix output, all can be equipped with compressor, 4-range parametric EQ, limiter, as well as delay.

24x12 Analog I/O, which can be easily expanded with REAC.

16 mic/line inputs, 8 line inputs, 2 main outputs, and 10 assigned outputs are placed in the compact mixer housing. Connect the Digital Snake to the REAC port for an extension of the number of inputs and outputs. There is also a digital stereo output (AES/EBU) for direct connection of digital devices, as well as two headphone outputs for multi-person monitoring.

High-quality design of the discrete preamp system. Instantly save/recall all parameters.

The 16 inputs are equipped with a discrete microphone preampli amplifier. Full digital control allows you to instantly preserve and recall all parameters such as input gain, padding, as well as phantom power. The externally connected Digital Snake is fully controlled remotely.

Equipped with four universal multi-effect processors. There is no need for external fittings.

Four multi-effect processors can be easily fastened on any channel, AUX rail, matrix rail and main output. The effect type can be selected from fifteen types of processors containing reverb and delay, as well as three types of ROLAND "VINTAGE Effects", which are adored by implementers around the world.

Four 31-range graphic EQ - the key to precise sound correction.

There are also four 31-range graphic EQs that are necessary for live applications. Applied together with the delay line on the output rail, they provide the ability to adjust the sound in detail in the M-200i console. At concerts requiring more sophisticated sound correction, four additional 31-band graphic EQ can be selected from four multi-effects.

Built-in USB recorder for uncompressed WAV recording.

Either of the two Main/8AUX/4Matrix outputs can be recorded as a 16-bit, uncompressed WAV file by inserting a USB stick into the rear panel. WAV files stored in a USB stick can also be played back via any input channel. In addition, the USB stick can be used to save/load configuration files on the M-200i.

Versatile iPad control is an even better mixing solution.

It's not a few features, but a comprehensive control on your iPad - it's a new way to work and mix. Remotely control all aspects of the iPad mix and enjoy great response and operating comfort. One of the best features of the M-200i is the comfort of a surface with faders, knobs and buttons that is so tightly integrated into the richly equipped controls on the iPad that it goes far beyond the typical set of capabilities. The wireless connection is accomplished by simply adding a WNA1100-RL Wireless USB Adapter or wireless LAN access point, which in turn allows the user to remotely control the M-200i via iPad from a scene or other location in the building/room. The operation of the M-200i is not limited by its physical location.

Includes DOCK cable for connecting iPad.

The dock cable connector for iPad provides reliable cable connection and stable operation that is not disturbed by current changes in the electrical system. The DOCK CABLE connector also allows you to power your iPad.

Control remotely from PC (Windows/Mac)

The M-200i can be remotely controlled from a PC (Windows/Mac) using dedicated M-200i RCS* software. You can simultaneously control the M-200i from two iPads (docked and wireless), from the PC and the M-200i itself.
* M-200i RCS is available for free as a download.

Three types of wireless connection.

The M-200i and iPad can be connected wirelessly by attaching a "WNA1100-RL" (sold separately) dedicated USB wireless adapter or connecting to a wireless network directly. The M-200i can be remotely controlled from the stage or any seat for the viewer via iPad. Depending on the situation, the method of communication between the iPad and the M-200i can be selected from among three options: "cable LAN connection," "wireless LAN connection" or "Ad-Hoc connection."

Different recording methods depending on location and application.

With REAC, you can easily integrate a simple set for high-quality multi-channel recording with the M-200i. Connect the network port on your computer with the Cat5e/6 cable to the REAC port and record directly up to 40 channels on the DAW "Cakewalk SONAR Producer" program. You can edit and mix the content immediately after recording. When a 48-trace R-1000 recorder/player is connected, there is an environment for full playback and recording, ideal for virtual rehearsals, workouts and live recording. In this way, you can build a fully integrated playback and recording system without using a computer. Use the S-MADI unit as an interface for MADI-based devices or broadcasting applications.
* S-RDK REAC Driver Kit is required for recording on Cakewalk SONAR Producer. ROLAND OCTA-CAPTURE or FA-66 with AES/EBU to S/PDIF converter, or VS-700R are required for monitoring.

Great control on the mixer panel allows you to control all settings in the device itself.

On the M-200i you can perform all operations by moving faders, buttons and knobs. Parameter levels, system settings and level meters can be checked on the LCD screen built into the upper right corner of the device. If there is an unexpected problem with your iPad, all operations can still only be performed on the M-200i.

Remote control interfaces MIDI and RS-232. V-LINK support for syncing with video hardware.

The rear panel is equipped with MIDI connectors for transmitting and receiving data from external devices together with the RS-232C connector for integration with wall panels and other types of remote control. MIDI connectors support V-LINK, allowing you to link to video ROLAND. When devices such as the V-40HD Video Switcherare connected, the video images can be synchronized with the volume of any channel - a real configuration where the audio follows the video.

Spread for more inputs and outputs, fully integrated playback/recording, and a personal listening mixing system.

- Plug-and-play system for extensibility in any situation - this is REAC.
REAC is the original audio transmission technology ROLAND (ROLAND Ethernet Audio Communication). By connecting a Cat 5e/6 cable to any REAC component, you can configure a wide variety of systems. Simply connect the Digital Snake for an extension of the number of inputs and outputs or connect another V-Mixer for expanding mixing and monitoring capabilities. When you connect a PC or R-1000, high-quality live recording and playback will be integrated. With REAC, extensibility and flexibility becomes a reality.

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