BEHRINGER X32 digital mixer




BEHRINGER DIGITAL MIXER X32 - 32-channel digital console

Flagship 32-channel digital console for concert, recording and studio applications.

Digital mixer with fully programmable hi-end microphone preamplizers and 16 internal rails configurable as a subgroup LCR main track, 6 matrix mixes and all 16 groups equipped with inserts, 6-band parametric correction and a dynamic processor of 16 analog XLR outputs and 6 additional linear inputs/outputs, 2 headphone outputs and talkback section with integrated or external microphone Thanks to the AES50 port, based on klark TEKNIK™ SuperMAC network protocol, ready to work with 48 channels of digital muliticore Ultra-low latency and no distortion Built-in, two-way 32 trace FireWire / USB 2.0 recording interface Virtual effect rack equipped with eight fully stereo FX slots to simulate high-end hardware such as EMT250, PCM70, LEXICON 480L or Quantec QRS, etc. High-performance 40-bit floating-point DSP processor with "unlimited" dynamic range, no internal overloads and virtually zero latency between inputs and outputs of 6 Mute groups and 8 DCA groups with 8 dedicated 100 mm motorized sliders Extremely simple and intuitive user interface with Channel Strip section, with direct access to adjustment TFT 7" high-resolution, adjustable color screen and RGB-backlit LCD displays on each channel 25 motorized 100 mm sliders, extensive Channel Strip section and definable USB Type-A adjustment section for recording uncompressed stereo recordings and scene settings and system software updates The ability to work with your personal BEHRINGER P-16 listening system, AES/AES digital stereo output EBU and MIDI Adjustable delay lines on all physical inputs and outputs Remote control and the ability to edit scenes via the included editing software via Ethernet port HUI emulating controller mode and MACKIE-Control for controlling DAW devices via USB. Powerful scene management system for comfortable operation in complex productions High-quality components and durable design for long-term use Developed and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

Note! The most up-to-date X32 console drivers and applications to download here (downloads tab):

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