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Si Performer is the latest child of Soundcraft and at the same time probably the first digital console in the world with the help of which zarthat we mix quite a large concert on stage and at the same time highlight the phation of our favorite musicians at their discretion. All thanks to the DMX interface. So we have a combine made up of two consoles. So we can make all the art one at a time!

Two models in this series are available so far. The Si Performer 2 has 24 microphone inputs and eight line inputs, while the Performer 3 has a set of 32 microphone inputs and the same number of lines. They can support up to 80 inputs, thanks to e.g. 2 optional expansion cards, or even AES inputs and outputs, and most importantly twice the processing power of the Si Compact! The manufacturer claims that this is the equivalent of 220 rack units in a 170x730(or 940)x536 mm housing weighing 17kg (or 21.5kg for the Si Performer 3)! Each of these 80 channels has its own high-pass filter, 4-band EQ BSSa, dedicated dynamic machining in the form of gates and compressors, and a delay line.

Further when it comes to audio, the mixer provides 8 VCA, 8 mutating groups, 14 aux/group (or 8 mono and 6 stereo mixes), i.e. the ability to select pre/post. In addition to the on-board 4 Lexicon processors, another 4 shipments are flying. The processors themselves probably have nothing to advertise ;-) The highest quality. We also have 3 main rails for mixing LCR or eg LR + C (mono). Each rail has a compressor, 4-band full parametric, a graphic 31-band GEQ BSS and a delay line. In order not to be, there is no such thing as a compromise on the level of use of DSP. All the features are available at any time, the CPU power is enough for everything, and the demand as you can see is huge! We fly further, Performer just like Si Compact has such features as D.O.G.S (Direct Out Gain Stabiliser), which secures the level on direct outach from changing the gain of the microphone, which is a beautiful thing with 2 consoles dividing one stagebox or recording. It has faderGlow function, that is, variable colors on silencers depending on the function, as well as the function of personalizing the layers of silencers, the function copy paste when it comes to channel settings. An important function is also TOTEM, thanks to which with one key we can easily mix to AUX, FX or matrix. That is, in general, any advantages of a digit. Everything is complemented by a touch-colored display. But let's move on to the main point, which is light.

The unique DMX512 port solution gives the first version of the 4x scene master (A-D) software with related slave channels on ALT fader layers. Individual color saturation or parameters are set on these layers can be modified all together with the help of a master, which can be de facto assigned to one of the main silencers, so that we get quick access zarboth sound and light from one level. To automate the process, DMX settings can be saved together with the audio settings in the snapshot system, so everything can be loaded with a single button or midi command. You can also isolate the sound from the light, no problem ;-). SOUNDCRAFT gives advice in one more respect, Performer can be controlled via ViSi Remote, which is an iPad app for the Vi and Si series, which will effectively improve the work with so many possibilities, there is even room to put the tablet as you can see in the photo. Finally, you can only add that, as befits Soundcraft, these mixers also benefit from the benefits of Harman HiQnet.

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Microphone inputs

24 x XLR

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Digital outputs


Optional expansion card out/out. Digital




Motorized silencers


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