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RSS M-300

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M-300 digital mixing console

Powerful, compact mixing
An innovative console that fits anywhere.
Ease of use. Amazing sound.

The ROLAND company presented the modern V-Mixing System to the world in 2007.

The V-Mixing System consists of multiple models of live sound mixing consoles, Digital Snakes for advanced audio streaming, the M-48 personal monitor mixing system, and the SONAR REAC multi-channel recording system. The V-Mixing System has been accepted in the world due to its high sound quality, powerful capabilities, expandability and ease of use. V-Mixing systems are currently used in live events, touring and production, in TV and radio broadcasting / recording, as well as in concert halls, educational establishments and sacred places.

V-Mixer M-300 extends the number of applications of the V-Mixing System, and thanks to its compact and highly portable housing it is useful in virtually any situation. The M-300 incorporates the best features of V-Mixing to represent the highest level of performance at an affordable price.

Introducing the M-300 V-Mixer features.

  • 32 mixing channels, L / C / R outputs, 8 AUX buses, 4 Matrices
  • 4-band PEQ and dynamics on each channel
  • 11 different built-in multi-effects / PEQ and delay on each output
  • 24bit AD / DA - the best sound quality
  • Remote control from a PC
  • Recording and playback using a USB memory flash
  • Perfectly integrated with Digital Snake for transmitting, distributing, splitting and combining audio signals with high quality
  • Construct a flexible and powerful system by adding a Personal Mixing System, multi-channel recording and other REAC components.

Advantages of the V-Mixing System

There are reasons why professionals and organizers around the world choose the V-Mixing System.

Advantage # 1 Great sound quality: Digital Snake

Advantage # 2 Intuitive user interface: V-Mixer

Advantage # 3 Choice of musicians' personal monitor mixer: M-48

Advantage # 4 Live recording of up to 40 channels: SONAR

Simple, flexible and with high sound quality - REAC: The next generation of sound transmission technology

The basis of the V-Miksing System is "REAC" ( ROLAND Ethernet Audio Communication), a digital audio transmission technology developed by ROLAND . The result of the development of this technology is a flexible V-Mixing System that can be tailored to the needs of any type of event or concert thanks to Digital Snake and other REAC components. REAC is based on Ethernet technology, allowing you to easily connect devices using a standard CAT5e LAN cable. REAC can transmit up to 40x40 channels of uncompressed audio, volume information, and other control data - over a single cable.

By placing the preamplifiers as close to the source as possible, the deterioration in sound quality as you move away from the source has been minimized to the lowest possible level.

In the past, analog multi-core cable was used to transmit low-level signals, which introduced problems such as noise, an overall reduction in sound quality, and crosstalk between channels. With REAC technology, these problems are eliminated as the preamplifier is before the signal is digitized (almost at the source). REAC is not only great sound quality, but also easy to set up and install.

From an analog console to the V-Mixing System

Much more than a mere replacement for a mixing console

Unlike other digital consoles, the V-Mixing System is not just a regular digital version of an analog console. V-Mixing System offers a total solution for the transmission / splitting of incoming and outgoing signals, a personal listening solution for musicians, multi-channel recording in a totally integrated system. As the main unit of the V-Mixer system it includes a built-in recorder / player and effects, digital recall of scenes, customizable by the user. To recreate all the functions of the M-300 with an analog system, a large number of devices would be required. 32-channel analog console, 32 separate compressors, 32 separate gates, 4 separate multi-effects, 15 separate 8-band parametric EQs and delays, and a digital recorder. All of this is built into the M-300 with the added ability to save and recall each setting. More than a console - it is a complete system.

Compact size, sound and possibilities without compromise

Impressive mixing possibilities in a small housing

The V-Mixer M-300 is a total solution for events and applications of various caliber. It has a substantial number of 32 mixing channels, 8 aux buses, 4 matrices - representing a higher level in its class. The V-Mixer M-300 integrates perfectly with other REAC devices. The user can directly operate the preamplifier in the Digital Snake module, control the M-48 Personal Mixer, set the I / O for the S-4000M REAC Merge Unit. All of these capabilities are housed in a compact body that is 749mm wide x 626mm deep x 229mm high, and weighs 9.8 kg (21 lbs 10 oz). The M-300 is the perfect choice for any event with limited set-up space, as well as for mobile sound companies. A rack mount is available as an option.

Built-in powerful channel effects

EQ and dynamics are the basis of any great-sounding mix. The enhanced signal shaping capabilities of the M-300's input channels include a 4-band fully parametric EQ as well as gate and compression. Keying can be incorporated on the gate / compressor allowing you to create an even more expressive mix. Each of the 4 multi-effect processors can use one of the 11 different types of effects available. Except for Reverb and Delay. Modulation effects (such as Chorus and Phaser) are also available. The M-300's bus busses also feature an 8-band fully parametric EQ and Signal Delay on each Aux, Matrix and Main output. The M-300 has all the sound setting tools ready to go.

Advanced control system

The M-380 and M-400 V-Mixers are respected for their ease of use, and the M-300 continues this tradition starting with built-in 17 x 100mm motorized faders. The M-300's operating center is a high-resolution 800x480 color display. Channel parameters such as Gain, Pan, EQ and Dynamics are easily controlled from the Channel Edit section located on the left side of the display. All parameters can be instantly saved and recalled from Scene Memory. The attenuator layers can be easily changed with the LAYER button. Access to faders is unlimited - they can be freely assigned and saved as a User Layer.

USB memory recorder / player

Record the M-300's main output, assigned AUX or MATRIX buses directly to a USB stick plugged into the built-in USB socket. A mix produced on the M-300 can be saved as an uncompressed WAV file without using an external recorder. WAV files on USB sticks can also be played on the M-300 and used as background music. User settings and mixer data can also be saved to USB memory.

The M-300 works with a wide range of devices

Control remotely from a PC

The M-300 can be controlled remotely in real time with a PC (Windows) connected via the USB port. The M-300 can be used directly with the dedicated M-300RCS control program, which has the same GUI as the M-300 color display. (The M-300RCS can be downloaded from ROLAND Systems Group.) The M-300RCS can also be used offline, allowing you to create various settings and save them to a USB memory stick. Loading these settings just before the rehearsal at the party is quick.

Remote control via wireless LAN

By enabling desktop control on a computer connected directly to the M-300 via USB, this mixer can be remotely controlled from another computer using a wireless network. A tablet PC can be used to control the M-300 as a remote location. For example, you can sit in the audience and set up the main mix during rehearsal, or you can be on stage and set up the monitor mix in consultation with the performer. The M-300 offers new mixing possibilities that will never be available on analog consoles.

Multi-channel DAW recording

Forty 24-bit audio channels can be recorded directly to a PC (Windows) by connecting the REAC port to the Ethernet port with a single Cat5e cable. Audio is recorded as WAV files using Cakewalk SONAR, which allows for full session editing later with built-in tools and effects.

* To use this feature, the REAC driver is required in addition to SONAR.

V-LINK - Solution for Audio and Visualization

By connecting MIDI input / output to a video switch such as the V-1600HD, V-LINK will automatically synchronize the M-300's audio with the video, allowing you to influence video processing.

System Examples

Various REAC products open up a world of possibilities.
Extensibility and flexibility bring many benefits.

Basic System

The basic system is designed for various applications. 2x S-1608 are used as I / O units. 32 inputs can be selected for mixing, 26 output channels can be available.

* 32 input channels must be selected from 44 physical input on the M-300 patchbay.

Extended System

This extended system has a big advantage. 4x S-0808 are connected via the S-4000M Merge Unit which gives a very flexible distribution system. Any personal monitor mixer for M-48 musicians can also be controlled from the M-300.

* 32 input channels must be selected from 44 physical input on the M-300 patchbay.

Broadcasting System

This system allows zar live stage production and sending signals for TV (broadcasting). REAC signals come from the stage to the M-300 and are then split into two locations. Thanks to connection to a PC, multi-channel recording is also possible.

* 32 input channels must be selected from 44 physical input on the M-300 patchbay.

Audio installation

This example shows a high number of inputs shared between the stage and the stage front. With RS-232 control, the M-300 can be operated using the touch panel.

* 32 input channels must be selected from 60 physical inputs on the M-300 patchbay.

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RSS M-300
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