NUMARK MIX TRACK - DJ controller



NUMARK MIX TRACK - DJ controller

MixTrack is numark's new high-performance controller encased in a compact chassis. The layout of the controller resembles two players with a mixer in the middle, which is why it is easy to use for someone who has come into contact with classic DJ equipment. Its light weight allows you to transport the device comfortably to any place.

The controller is accompanied by professional DJ software Traktor LE, which is based on the popular and well-known Tractor PRO. The software allows you to easily mix, remix and produce music tracks. In addition to standard capabilities such as looping and automatic pace alignment, the LE tractor has a wide range of effects for each deck (including filter, delay, reverb, flanger). MixTrack is pre-mapped to work with the LE Tractor, Tractor PRO and Tractor Duo. The controller is fully MIDI compatible, so there's nothing to prevent you from mapping it yourself to work with almost any MIDI software.


- MIDI controller,

- large, touch-sensitive JOG wheels,

- classic layout resembling two players and mixer,

- backlit buttons indicating active functions,

- fully MIDI compatible,

- Plug&Play, no drivers required,

- supplied with LE tractor

- minimum system requirements:

- Mac: OS X 10.5, Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz

- PC: Windows XP (SP3, 32 bit), Vista (SP1, 32/64 bit), - Windows 7 (32/64 bit); Pentium IV or Athlon 1.4 GHz (SSE1)


- 100 MB of free disk space

- USB port.

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