NUMARK NS7FX - DJ Controller

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NUMARK NS7FX - DJ Controller

When you use music software, navigation becomes the most important thing. However, the feeling of lack of control over the software can sometimes kill all creativity. That's why NUMARK company, together with Serato™ joined forces to create the NS7FX, the flagship system for computerized DJs. In addition, the NS7FX includes an NSFX effects controller, which gives you the ability to manipulate the effects found in the Serato ITCH software.

NS7FX gives you such high-quality control over YOUR ITCH software until you start wondering how you could have worked without it before. NS7FX is capable of sending messages over a USB port that doubles the capabilities of a standard MIDI port. Thanks to this, you will be able to control everything with incredible precision and the right speed.

Two, seven-inch, high-torque motorized plates give you the feeling of playing on real turntables. NS7FX has everything all DJs love about old-stage turntable gaming along with all the itch software capabilities of Serato.

Lots of programmable knobs and sliders will give you irreplaceable software compatibility and great possibilities to customize your hardware. Integrated audiophile-quality cables and sockets allow you to connect other equipment such as microphones, headphones or sound systems, without worrying about any loss of sound quality.

NS7FX is the system you need. It gives you irreplaceable control over the software and the feeling of real turntables.


- NS7FX consists of NS7, NSFX, Laptop Stand and Serato ITCH software,

- two, seven inch, high torque motorised plates with a real 7" vinyl record,

- ability to operate effects thanks to the included NSFX effects controller,

- includes Serato ITCH software in full version

two inputs, four USB 2.0 24-bit outputs,

- "strip search" is a touch bar that allows you to quickly search the tracks and the so-called needle drop technique (dropping the 'needle' at any moment in the song),

- high-quality MIDI controls (compatible with any other software that supports MIDI controllers),

- professional, interchangeable crossfader CP-PRO

modern metal construction,

- control of loops, CUE points and songs played

fully programmable knobs, switches and mini sliders,

- very high sound quality,

- two mixing speeds: 33 rpm and 45 rpm,

minimum system requirements:

Windows 32-bit

Windows 7 / Vista: Intel processor, 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo; 2MB L2 cache; 2GB RAM

Windows XP: Intel processor, 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo; 2MB L2 cache; 1GB RAM

Windows 64-bit

Windows Vista: Intel processor , 2.2Ghz Core 2 Duo; 2MB L2 cache; 4GB RAM

Windows 7: Intel processor, 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo; 3MB L2 cache; 4GB RAM

Mac OS X 10.6

32-bit: Intel processor, 1.8GHz Core Duo; 1GB RAM

64-bit: Intel processor, 2.4GHz Core Duo; 4GB RAM

Mac OS X 10.5 / 10.4.11

Intel processor, 1.8GHz Core Duo; 1GB RAM

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