NUMARK N4 - DJ controller



NUMARK N4 - DJ controller

The N4 is a new controller that has everything you need most: large tactile JOG wheels, 4 deck control, loop function, extensive DSP effects section, built-in USB audio interface and mixer section with sound control and gain control. Professional Serato DJ Intro software and a special virtual DJ LE version supporting 4 decks are added to the controller.

The N4 was created to handle almost all audio sources. You can use the built-in audio mixer to connect devices such as turntables, CD players and MP3 players. With one switch, you can choose how to control 4 virtual decks or control 2 virtual decks and 2 external audio sources.

The N4 also has the ability to use timecode discs, which is new among 4 channel MIDI controllers. Apart from controlling 4 virtual decks with a controller, there is nothing to prevent you from connecting your CD players or turntables and using time code CDs. This has a great advantage, because you can then control 4 decks at once, having for each deck a separate JOG wheel (two JOG wheels on the controller + two JOG wheels on CD players or turntables).

The N4 obviously has all the buttons, potentiometers and faders necessary to control. Each deck comes with standard features such as pitch fader, key-lock, loop, DSP effects and sample banks. 4 Video Fade buttons allow you to mix video sources such as music videos by programming Virtual DJ.

To get started, simply connect the N4 to your computer and install the software. The N4 has the function of recording audio sources via USB port. Whether you're only using software or software with external audio sources, N4 lets you record every performance seamlessly.


- professional MIDI controller for controlling 4 virtual decks,

- the function of a mixer that works even without connecting the N4 to the computer,

- built-in USB audio interface with XLR outputs,

- touch-sensitive JOG wheels,

- included software: Serato DJ Intro, Virtual DJ LE (version supporting 4 decks),

- to use timecode discs, you need to upgrade the software version to Virtual DJ Pro,

- To use full-screen video mixing, you need to upgrade to Virtual DJ Pro.

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