K.M.E. SD X VERSIOX active sound system


German quality and compact dimensions and new price are undeniable advantages

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K.M.E. VERSIOX SD X active sound system
Made in Germany

The active and ultra-compact DSP controlled SD X sound system consists of

all-digital VSS 28 system unit with built-in 2 x 8" speakers

woofers and two multifunctional 4 x 4" + 1" VL 4loudspeakers that are used as satellites.

Subbas VSS 28 as Control Center has three integrated Class D amplifiers

(1 x 400 W Bass + 2 x 200 W satellite power) and 24-bit DSP digital signal processor, 48 kHz. DSP equipped with the latest digital technology, increasing the useful dynamic range of the audio signal while reducing conversion losses to a minimum thus gives a much better

sound quality. The ease of changing settings thanks to digital technology gives exceptional possibilities and total flexibility in applications. SD X provides an excellent platform for users, which can be small music bands, singers, DJs, for use at weddings,

events, on stages in houses of culture.

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