STANTON CMP.800 CD/Mp3 player

CMP 800
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STANTON CMP.800 CD/Mp3 player

Cmp 800 is a powerful and powerful machine created not only for playing classic CDs. It can not only read MP3s, but also has been armed with two independent USB ports into which you can plug caches, such as flash drives or hard drives. After that, Stanton's engineers armed the CMP 800 with a USB MIDI port so that you can use a regular USB cable to connect the player to your computer and start it in MIDI controller mode. In addition, Chain Link allows communication between two CMP 800 to use a single song library (the ability to load songs up to 2 devices from a single USB stick).


· 4 Hot Cue,

· Auto Loop,

· 10, 16, 100%),

· auto sync effects processor (ECHO, FLANGER, FILTER),

· adjustment of take-off and brake speed,

· Key Lock function (master tempo),

· multifunctional touch JOG,

· Scratch!,

· sampler,

· Automatic BPM determination,

· anti-shock buffer,

· Digital audio output

· built-in headphone output,

· fast and intuitive operation thanks to ergonomic distribution of buttons and encoders,

· Chain Link function,

· robust workmanship and compact dimensions.

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CMP 800
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