SOUNDCRAFT Signature 16 Audio Mixer



SOUNDCRAFT Signature 16 Audio Mixer

The Signature SOUNDCRAFT family is a line of small analog consoles.

It consists of four products with ten to twenty-two input channels. The manufacturer also presented a twelve- and twenty-channel version with the symbol ICC (multitrack). Each console allows you to accept and send two channels using the built-in USB audio interface, as well as free download of the native LEXICON MPX-L plug-in and Ableton Live 9 Lite software. Models marked with the ICC symbol give the user much greater opportunities to work with signals in multi-track form. The twelve-channel version allows you to accept fourteen usb and twelve signals, signature 22 MTK is as many as twenty-four inputs and twenty-two outputs supported by the USB audio interface. Both models have the ability to insert plug-ins in VST/AU/AAX/TDM/RTAS formats on each input channel.

All consoles in the new product family have Ghost series microphone preamps for great sound quality, wide dynamic range and high sound resolution while maintaining a very low noise ratio of their own. SOUNDCRAFT Signature is also the famous SOUNDCRAFT Sapphyre British concealers with three or four bands. Depending on the size of the console, the manufacturer has equipped each of the products with two, four or eight dbxlimiters, LEXICON effects with a single, and in the largest model a dual effect motor, depending on the size of the number of three to five auxs with switchable post/pre modes, and in the largest models also subgroups. Regardless of size, the latest consoles have XLR inputs and TRS inputs that accept high signal levels, allowing you to plug directly into the instrument console.

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