SOUNDCRAFT EPM 6 stage mixer

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The guiding idea when constructing the new EPM SOUNDCRAFT mixers was to achieve the best sound quality and design a logical and easy-to-use mixer within the low price range.

Thus, the epm mixers were not equipped with unnecessary functions and focused on the most important ones.

The result of the work SOUNDCRAFT engineers are three models of the budget EPM series: 6 mono inputs, 8 mono inputs and 12 mono inputs. All models are equipped with two stereo inputs as standard. Designed for use in sound systems, recording studios, churches, public facilities using multi-zone loudspeaker systems.

All models feature the proven LX7ii and GB Series GB microphone preamps built by legendary engineer Graham Blyth for precise 55dB level setting for +22 dB headroom. Professional 48V global power supply allows you to connect condenser microphones.

A novelty in the EPM series is the use of the Peak LED indicator in each track of the mixer. The signal level is monitored in several places of each track, the LED lights up more strongly when the signal reaches peak level. The control of mixed signals is carried out with the help of high-quality 60mm potentiometers used in other models of SOUNDCRAFT.

Each EPM series model has 2 configurable aux outputs, 1/4" mono xlr and jack inputs, stereo inputs and RCA recording outputs, a 3-band equalizer in each mono track,
2-band stereo tracks. Each mono track has one insert and a mute button. The output section has a solo function, a headphone jack with level adjustment. Signal level control is carried out with 10 LED indicators.
The monitor output works in parallel with the headphone output. All models can be easily installed in a 19" rack.

Technical data:

Universal Channel Number:10 Mono Inputs:6 Microphone XLR or 6 Line Jack
Mono correction:three-point with parametric stereo input measure:2
Stereo correction:two-point
Silencers: slider, 60 mm
Gain adjustment:yes
Phantom Power:+48V
Global Solo/PFL:-/yes
Insert:channels 1-6 and totals
Control indicators:2x10 LED
Connectors:main output-2 x XLR
monitor output-2 × 1/4" TRS jack,
1/4" TRS 1/4" headdrop output with gain adjustment
Additional data: microphone preamps: GB-30 used in LX series
transmission band-20 Hz-20 kHz
rack installation: RW-5744 holder
Peak led indicator in channels 1-6 and stereo 1, 2
- user manual
- original box

- Model: EPM-6 SOUNDCRAFT mixer
- 6 mono inputs
- 2 stereo inputs
- GB30 microphone preampli amplifier
- 48V global phantom power supply
- Led Peak indicator in each mixer track
- 3-band equalizer in each mono track
- 2-band equalizer in stereo tracks
- Each mono track has one insert and mute button


- mono XLR and Jack 1/4" inputs
- stereo inputs
- 2 configurable aux outputs
- RCA recording outputs

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