XENYX 1832 F
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With nearly one million units sold, the UB series mixers have become one of the most popular mixer series of all time. Now they have been replaced with the Xenyx series. The device has 12 inputs and 2 aux sends for each channel. In addition, there are 2 subgroups with separated outputs for greater flexibility in signal steering. The whole device was made in ultra low-noise technology. 4 amazing Xenyx microphone preamplified, 3-range EQ for each channel and 60mm silencers for each channel.

Clear placement of all control elements, which in combination with smoothly working sliders allows for fast and comfortable operation
All XENYX mixers, starting with the 1204, are equipped with a USB interface through which it is possible to transmit a digital signal directly to the computer
The new mixers, as in the previous series, are also produced in versions with a built-in 24-bit effects processor and "Feedback Detection" system, which helps detect and eliminate acoustic couplings
In addition to the USB interface, the "Surround" processor and the use of a new type of microphone preamplators with high dynamics and sound quality equal to external preamplions are also new in behringer mixers.
Analog audio mixer, 18 inputs (including 6 microphone inputs)
Microphone preamplified: 6 XENYX
Equalization: 3-range "British" EQ with semi-parametric middle and 9-range graphic EQ for "monitor" and "main" output
Effects processor: 24-bit stereo FX with presets (100) reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter
USB audio interface (UCA200 - 2w/2w analog, cinch) for direct connection to the computer
Inserts on each mono channel
Aux shipping: 3 per channel
On each channel: Peak LEDs, mute, main mix and subgroup switch, solo and PFL
2 subgroups with separate outputs; 2 multi-functional aux returns
Symmetrical main outputs "main mix"; 6.3mm jack and XLR
Separate control room output, headphone and stereo tape output
Slider potentiometers: length 60 mm
Internal power supply (100 - 240 V~)

Rack mounts
Weight: 4.7 kg
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XENYX 1832 F
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