MACKIE 1604 VLZ 4 analog stage mixer

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MACKIE 1604 VLZ 4 analog stage mixer

Professional audio mixer, 16 channels mono XLR/TRS microphone, Microphone inputs equipped with 128.5dB ONYX preamps, gain range from 0 to 60 dB, 12 point LED signal level display, Gain sensitivity adjustment, 4 AUX shipments (2 switchable Pre/Post with Aux Master adjustment and 2 with redirection to additional Aux 5-6 TRS outputs), Heat and natural 3-point equalization with 3-point sized band, 75Hz high pass filter in all preamplified, panorama adjustment with fixed volume function, Mute button for each channel, Solo switch in each channel (with the ability to switch operating mode before or after volume control), LED signal presence and overdrive, Large sealed level potentiometers, Knobs and fader heads mounted on the work surface, finished with black powder coating , providing the contrast needed for easy controller identification, Negative Summing Bus architecture, 60mm log sliders, channel dispatches for groups 1-2, 3-4 and for L/R main outputs, 16 TRS insert sockets, 8 Ditect TRS shipments, 4 TRS group outputs, 4 TRS stereo effect returns, 6 TRS AUX outputs, TRS C-R OUTS stereo listening output with selectable listening source, 2 Main Insert TRS connectors, TRS main outputs, RCA inputs for tape recorder connection, High volume headphone output, Built-in power supply, Phantom power supply, BNC socket for connecting a lighting lamp,

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