BEHRINGER XENYX 1202FX stage mixer



Like its original that is the basic midel XENYX 1202 - mixer XENYX 1202 FX pro has 12 inputs, 2-rail microphone / line equipped with 4 microphone preamplified giving the user the ability to use 4 microphones simultaneously. 3-band equalization on each channel, low frequency filters on each of the mono channels, as well as an effect loop are typical additions in this series of mixers from BEHRINGER .

the biggest advantage of this mixer and the only difference for the sake of the basic xenyx 1202, however, is the implemented, 24-bit effects processor, which has in memory 100 presets of all the most important effects [flanger, reverb, delay, chorus, etc..] .

technical data :
  • ULN and IMP technology [4 microphone inputs]
  • 4 stereo channels and 4 mono channels
  • 24 bit [40 Hz] effect processor [100 presets in memory]
  • 3-range EQ on each channel
  • Low frequency filter on mono channels
  • LED raise indicator for mono channels
  • 12 balanced linear inputs [adjustable -10/+4 db on stereo channels]
  • Shipping and stereo return
  • 4580 Series Amplifiers
  • Output : Main Mix, Control Room, Headphone and Tape
  • Tape input directed to the main mix or headphones
  • ALPS-class potentiometers
  • Phantom +48V power supply
  • Robust housing
  • Dimensions : 242 x 220 x 37-48 mm
  • Weight : 1.4 kg
  • External power supply
Product Details
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