SOUNDCRAFT LX7 II 24 stage mixer

LX7 II 24
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LX7II is a new version of the hugely popular 7-bus console, made with the latest Soundcraft technology. To celebrate the company's 30th anniversary, its co-founder and technical director Graham Blyth has developed new microphone preamps and 4-band equalizers for outstanding sound clarity. We called them GB30. Built on the technology of the SOUNDCRAFT MH series of professional consoles, the GB30l has made the LX7II extremely dynamic and virtually undetectable noise. Of course, all the "old" advantages of the LX7 are here. Of which: direct outputs on multi-track recording channels, Phantom 48V power supply, 100mm silencers to choose from 16, 24 or 32 channels. The properties of the LX7-II mixer combine the essential advantages of SOUNDCRAFT sound mixers with basic recording capabilities, housed in a compact housing, light enough for one person; configuration and use is also as easy as carrying. This mixer is particularly suitable for many applications in facilities such as small halls or public use centres; Direct outputs from input channels make it particularly useful for bands that can use it zarboth on the stage and in the recording studio. The mixer is produced in versions 16, 24 and 32 of the channel, which contain a total of up to 24, 32 and 40 inputs respectively, with a number of separate output rails of not less than 13, including main output, 4 groups, dedicated mono output for additional speaker groups, as well as 6 shipping Aux outputs. Depending on the chassis version, these mixers are equipped with 8, 16, or 24 direct outputs, respectively. The LX7-II's symmetrical microphone inputs are equipped with the new SOUNDCRAFT GB30 microphone preamplification, without a pre-damper and providing 60 dB gain and a level 22 dB reserve. Each input has a 4-band parametric equalizer with 3D bands. Equalizer switch and high-pass filter with a slope of 18 dB/okt. they provide additional capabilities in more difficult facilities, and six Aux shipments can be switched in pairs in each channel to work before and after the silencer, giving you four shipments before the silencer and six from behind the silencer. This allows the use of the LX-7II zarfor listening as well as in situations where more effects processors are needed. The LX7-II group section contains two more stereo inputs – with Aux correction and shipping, allowing you to connect electronic instruments or playback devices. All four groups can be routed to the main output and have precise 12-segment ruler indicators as well as insert points. Six shipment totals are equipped with rotary regulators and AFL listening. In the main section there are order functions, covering all shipments before the silencer and the main output. Phantom power is switched on in groups of four, and a special two-track input can be used to feed the background music before the concert. With the help of a special button, you can give a signal from this input to the main output, without interrupting the mixer's preparations for the concert. The signal from the main output can also be given to the mono output if there is a need to use such a signal. The LX7-II has a solid steel frame with built-in AC adapter and all-metal professional sockets and connectors on the back. All inputs and outputs are symmetrical. The mixer can be used for a wide range of applications, such as sounding music concerts, small halls, public facilities, temples, as well as for concert and studio recordings

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LX7 II 24
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