SOUNDCRAFT GB4 40 stage mixer



SOUNDCRAFT GB4 40 stage mixer

40 mono inputs, 2 stereo inputs, 2 stereo returns, 8 aux outputs (1-4 pre, 5-8 pre/post switchable),
4 subgroups, inserts, preamps and GB30 equalizers, direct outs from each track, independent
Phantom +48V power supply in each track, 18 dB/octave high pass filter in each track, mono
bus, 100 mm silencers, built-in pulse power supply, possibility to work on two power supplies, output
for limiter recorder, 7 x 4 sensor

GB Series


For the company's 30th SOUNDCRAFT , its founder and chief builder, Graham Blythe, created microphone preamps and equalizers known as GB30. They are based on the same technology as similar components in the recognized MH3 and MH4 tables.

Both consoles come from the same tradition of high-quality, great-sounding products from SOUNDCRAFT. It is a tradition of technology and construction that has created the concept of "British Sound".
Their main purpose is:
smaller consoles in sound systems, club installations, Houses of Culture and theatres.

A lot of attention has been paid to mechanical design to make the tables reliable in the harsh conditions of the tour.
All input channel modules are placed in a steel frame on vertical fiberglass printed plates, and each knob has an individual screw mount to the faceplate.

Consoles have a fairly conventional layout but are distinguished by a few mechanical details.
The robust steel housing has a sly back wall with sockets for easy connection, and the internal power supply has an output to a spare external power supply for protection.

Four mute groups allow you to mute multiple channels at the same time, and the built-in limiter function at the output for recording and alternate output allows you to record the stereo mix more easily.

GB4 is available in 12 to 40 channels with 4 groups and main outputs L, C and R. These 7 totals are also the sources for the 7x4 output matrix.

The dual FOH/Monitor topology from the MH3 and MH4 series allows these consoles to switch groups or auxiliary tracks (aux) on the main silencers.
This allows for use in monitor applications or the main mix.

Both consoles also have a similar design to MH4, MH3 and LX7ii, which confirms their membership in the family of modern concert consoles from SOUNDCRAFT.


microphone preamps and GB30 equalizers
19 signal rails (15 per GB4)
4 fully expanded stereo input channels (2 per GB4)
4 stereo returns (2 per GB4)
Direct outputs on each input channel
Intercom Track
100mm silencers
Switchable 48V phantom power on each channel
8 auxiliary tracks (Aux)
18dB/octave high pass filter
8 subgroups (4 sub groups per GB4)
4 mute groups
11x4 output matrix (GB4 has 7x4 sensor)
12-segment LED meters
Outputs Record and Alt with limiter (Gb4 Record output only)
High-resolution VU-style LED meters on GB8

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