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HKAudio presents its latest linear set.

For the first time ever, HK Audio Elements combines the advantages of a modern linear system with the ease of operation of an ultra-compact sound system. No matter how large the audience or stage is, you can assemble a system suitable for each type of performance using only six components of the HK Audio Elements system. Whether it's just a presentation system or a big concert by your band, the ability to assemble a system up to 3.6 kW will allow you to get things done easily. Of course, since Elements is based on linear technology, acoustic performance is always at the highest level. Exactly as you expect it from HK Audio.

Connecting and deploying Elements is as easy as counting up to three. Thanks to the E-Connectconnector, an innovative signal transmission solution, even the largest set of Elements can be distributed in minutes and with a minimum number of cables. Thanks to its extremely compact design, any configuration can easily fit in a passenger car. With Elements, transport is no longer a problem.

Items in detail:

E435: The elegant mid/high unit made of embossed aluminum is strictly based on linear technology, guaranteeing equal and rich sound coverage. It includes four 3.5" broadband speakers and weighs 2.5kg. With E-Connect, the E435 is easy to connect to other modules.

EA600: The amplifier module looks exactly the same as the E435column, being the perfect complement in a visual and technical sense. The digital amplifier generates a 600 W signal, sufficient to power four mid/high satellites or one passive subwoofer and two additional hills. The weight of 2.75kg allows for easy and convenient transport in all conditions.

EF45: The metal support of the system is designed as a stable base for four mid/high units, amplifier or EP1 tripod.

E110 SubA: Extremely portable subwoofer with 10" speaker and 19kg weight delivers extremely compact bass. A 600W digital amplifier is enough to power an additional passive bass or two mid/high columns. Equipped with two E-Connect sockets, the E110 Sub A can also serve as a basis for additional components. Integrated handles make it easy to transport your device.

E110 Sub: If you need more bass, this subwoofer is the perfect solution. It is powered by an active E110 bass or amplifier module. For greater integration with the rest, it has been equipped with an E-Connect socket.

EP1: Column tripod ideal for folding smaller Elements sets. Convenient height adjustment and an integrated E-Connect socket allow for very fast folding and unfolding of the system.

For safe and convenient transport, three models of covers and protective bags are available. One model holds four mid/high units or amplifier and a tripod, another is for carrying a metal base, another is used to carry bass.

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