HK-AUDIO Linear 5 SUB 2000A active bass speaker column

L5 SUB2000A

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HK-AUDIO Linear 5 SUB 2000A loudspeaker loudspeaker subwoofer active

The column is equipped with a sixth row bandpass crossover, which is an ideal complement to linear5 satellites. Performance in the 50-120Hz range is an incredible asset. It features two high-quality 12" speakers with a 2.5" coil and innovating cooling system and dual suspension for perfect centering. The modern 1,200 W Class D amplifier powers the entire structure.

Facts and properties

  • High-performance subwoofer for sound companies
  • Amplifier 1200 Watt Class-D
  • 2x12" speakers with 2.5" coil
  • 133 dB Max SPL Peak @ 10%THD (half space)
  • Robust hybrid housing (Plywood/MDF)
  • Multifunctional handles


Product Details
L5 SUB2000A
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