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Yamaha EMX 5016CF power mixer - powermixer lying

EMX 5016 CF
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YAMAHA EMX 5016CF power mixer - powermixer lying

With the latest mixer with built- YAMAHA EMX5016CF, you'll set up professional-sounding concerts and live performances. This 16-channel stereo mixer, which includes two 500 W amplifiers, is ideal for bands, smaller rooms, or church sound systems. The EMX5016CF provides the convenience of an integrated mixer with a built-in power tip with flexible accessories and robust sound to meet the demands of the most picky ear. It is extremely compact and easy to carry and mount in all conditions, with live performances, while offering performance and reliability that satiate every professional. With leading digital technologies from YAMAHA, the EMX5016CF includes many innovations that make it extremely easy to achieve top-notch sound. With an impressive output power of 500 W per channel, it can "lift" the performance for a large audience, zarboth indoors and outdoors. The EMX5016CF is above current standards and redefines it in the field of sound amplification.

- universal 16-input configuration,
- 9-band digital graphic equalizer with memory and presets,
- abundant I/O for expansion and integration,
- single-branch compression on mono channels,
- FREQUENCY Response Correction (FRC) system,
- automatic damping of the coupling,
- multi-band maximizer,
- two SPX effects processors YAMAHA,
- dual AUX outputs,
- Gain controllers and 26-dB Pan switches allow you to adjust the optimal level, with virtually any source,
- high-pass filters (>80 Hz) to eliminate unwanted low frequencies,
- Channel ON switch allows you to turn an individual channel into the mix or turn it off,
- The Pan controller adjusts the position of the mono channel signals in the panorama, while the balance controllers on the stereo channels control the balance of the stereo image,
- high-quality linear sliders individually adjust the level of each channel,
- PFL switch (Pre-Fader Listen) allows individual monitoring on individual channels,
- all input channels are equipped with signal indicators and peak values to ensure visual signal monitoring,
- AUX 1, AUX 2, EFF1 RTN and EFF2 RTN linear sliders with Pre-Fader Listen (PFL) switches for returning effect and After-Fader Listen (AFL) monitor switches,
- stereo master slider with PFL and AFL switches,
- signal processing system YAMAHA provides reinforced lows and high-quality smoothness sounds together with speakers from the YAMAHA Club series,
- limiter indicators will tell you when the internal limiter circuit has been activated due to overcharging of the amplifier,
- amplifier selection mode allows you to quickly set up a dual channel amplifier in Main + Main, Mono + Aux 1 or Aux 1 + Aux 2 mode,
- you can select an output gain of 500W, 200 W or 75 W per channel,
- Stand-by switch instantly mutes all mono inputs,
- precise 12-segment stereo level meter,
- headphone jacks with independent level control,
- High-quality Speakon speaker connectors for fast and reliable connection.

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EMX 5016 CF
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