DBX DriveRack PA2 signal processor



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DBX DriveRack PA2 signal processor

NEW. DriveRack PA2 is a new product presented at NAMM from dbx.

It is a speaker processor, equipped with new and improved autoeq and AFS signal processing algorithms, a new delay module, and also giving the ability to remote control via Ethernet, using mobile devices with Android, iOS, Mac and Windows operating systems. Wizard algorithms have also been updated.

The new, better AutoEQ algorithm provides precision and automatic correction speed. By testing in real time using an RTA microphone, the room response of the new DriveRack PA2 AutoEQ algorithm adjusts the signal level of individual speakers, thus automatically correcting the acoustics' effect on the sound.

The enhanced Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS) algorithm provides even faster and more precise feedback elimination without affecting the sound of the sound system.

Functionally enhanced wizard algorithms simplify the configuration process and ensure that all system settings, including those related to tuning, are always up-to-date. The wizard guides you step by step, enabling you to set up your sound system as efficiently as possible – setting levels, setting up AutoEQ and Advanced Feedback Suppression – and giving you access to internal, still-upgraded presets for all major brands.

Input processing:

  • compression dbx
  • AFS (Advanced Feedback Suppression)
  • graphic correction
  • 8-band parametric correction (adjustable when using AutoEQ)
  • synthesis of subharmonic frequencies

Output signal processing:

  • Crossover (supports full-band, two- and three-way systems)
  • 8-band parametric correction (for tuning the speaker system)
  • dbx limiter
  • Delay
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