DIGITECH Vocalist Live Pro harmonizer vocal processor

Vocalist Live


DIGITECH Vocalist Live Pro harmonizer vocal processor

A rack version of the popular vocalist floor processor that uses the magic of musIQ technology to recognize chords and detect sounds to generate harmonicly compatible intervals.

Now it can also work not only with guitar, but also with keyboard and various midi devices.
Vocalist Live Pro provides 4-voice harmonization of the basic vocal voice.
It offers a variety of voices (unison, tertiary, quintet or octaves below/above the base voice height), sound height correction, compressor/noise gate, delay line, world-class reverberation LEXICON and has a built-in volume mixer for vocal track, harmonized voices and guitar/keyboard. The processor also has a USB port, which allows you to exchange programs and settings libraries, has a guitar tuner, as well as a switchable output configuration.

The XLR mic/line inputs are adjustable and equipped with a low-noise SOUNDCRAFT and a 48V phantom power module.

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Vocalist Live
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