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LEXICON MX400XL acoustic processor dual stereo effects

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LEXICON MX400XL acoustic processor dual stereo effects

The compact-but-luxury LEXICON® 4x4 to the studio and to the stage.


Plug-in function with programming and calling settings. The power of LEXICON.


Versatility of 4-I/4 configuration, manual control and robust design.

Control and robust design. You want to have a rich, juicy sound that has been defined for more than three decades by studio reverberation: a real hardware processor LEXICON. But you also want to enjoy the freedom to program high-quality effects through DAW software... without additional CPU load or resorting to expensive CPU cards.

You have it all in the MX400. All parameters of each reverberation, delay line and dynamic effects in this powerful four-engine processor are available from any VST® or AU compatible DAW program.

Simply connect your pc to the MX400 via USB cable and control all the performance exactly as you want in any of the software plug-ins — using sound quality that only LEXICONcan provide. Together with our unique "hardware plug-ins" for PC and Mac®, we've also included MX-Edit™ software that allows you to save and recall your own programs or use 223 original settings LEXICON including 25 dedicated Surround programs.

The MX400 is everything you'd expect from a company that invented digital reverb. Seventeen LEXICONreverberation, delay lines, modulation effects and compressor and de-essing dbx®, as well as a large LCD display and large comfortable knobs that you can conveniently operate.

Discover the most powerful processor LEXICON of the previously offered, which are placed in super-convenient 1U rack enclosures. They are ideal for PA sound systems, churches and clubs.

We know you need to be able to make changes quickly, which is why we designed the MX400 front panel with minimal knobs and intuitive operation. For example, three individual controllers, with the ability to assign parameters, mean that you don't have to traverse the next pages of the menu to fine-tune the characteristics of the reverberation end sound.

Since you can use the built-in compressor and de-essing dbx® along with reverberation, the MX400 is a great tool to solve the singers' problems.

All in all, you can trust the MX400 quality for years to come, entrust it with countless use — and while it's characterized by the highest studio sound quality, the MX400 has been designed to meet dust, moisture, impact, network surges, and everything else that's sharpened for stage devices.

The first time you heard a reverberation in the recording, you probably heard a LEXICON. We have introduced digital processing. And we've been perfecting them for over thirty years.

MX400 Dual Stereo Reverb

• 17 legendary reverberation LEXICON®

• Delay lines and modulation effects LEXICON

• Compressor and de-essing dbx®

• Four-processor design

• 7 options for setting up the effects chain

• 99 factory programs / 99 user for Stereo mode

• 99 factory / 99 user programs for Dual-Stereo mode

• 25 factory programs / 25 user for Surround mode

• USB "Hardware Plug-In" function with VST software extension® audio units

• MX-Edit™ Editor/Librarian software

• Dual I/O Digital S/PDIF

• 24-bit, 48kHz/44.1kHz sampling rate

• Large LCD display on the front panel


• TRS 1/4" symmetrical/asymmetric inputs and outputs

MX400 Dual Stereo/Surround Reverberant Processor

• Input amplification level controllers.

• Dual stereo LED gain level meter.

• Device configuration LED lights.

• The main LCD screen indicates track configurations, program names, effects and parameters, system settings.

• Page/Select to select the effects and menus of the system.

• Exit button.

• The pace is used to manually set the line delay time.

• Three parameter change knobs.

• Bypass program.

• User/Program bank LEDs.

• Access to the system menu.

• Remembers or copies programs into memory.

• Program/Load – selection of factory or user programs

• Program number display.

• Standard IEC power cord.

• USB – connect to your computer.

• Footswitch slot.

• MIDI In and Thru.

• Dual digital S/PDIF inputs and outputs.

• Symmetrical / asymmetric outputs 1/4" TRS

• Symmetrical/asymmetrical 1/4" TRS inputs


• Small Hall

• Large Hall

• Surround Hall

• Small Plate

• Large Plate

• Room

• Chamber

• Gated

• Reverse

• Vocal Hall

• Vocal Plate

• Drum Hall

• Drum Plate

• Ambience

• Studio

• Arena

• Spring

* Symmetrical XLR inputs in MX 400 XL version

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