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COMPANY STORE Yanagisawa saxophones

COMPANY STORE Yanagisawa saxophones

Based on many years of experience in professional production

musical instruments, YANAGISAWA is known throughout

as a significant producer of saxophones. Carefully

made YANAGISAWA saxophones are among the best in

their class in the world and are tailored to the needs of the best

musicians and artists. Award-winning models

on a scale from sopranino to baritone, have become part of the success of many

musicians. Musicians of all styles appreciate the highest class

instruments because of the clean sound as well as precision

executions taking into account materials adapted to requirements

different models.
The YANAGISAWA saxophone range is completed by a wide range

high quality mouthpieces, spare parts and accessories.
YANAGISAWA combines the proven architecture of the saxophone and the latest

instrument technology to get a great sound experience!

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