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Edwards trombones, components and accessories
Edwards trombones, components and accessories

Edwards trombones, components and accessories

Edwards trombones stand out against the background of world production with a unique variety of possible combinations of used elements that make up the finished instrument. The musician has a unique opportunity to choose the components of the instrument for his needs, which he can then assemble himself into a finished instrument.

For example, the T-350 trombones are classified as orchestral and have such parameters as:
- Axial Thayer valve
- 8 ″ or 8.5 ara goblets (8.5 ″ spells are more common in classical music)
- 13.89 mm scale for a single-section slider, or 13.89 / 14.27 mm for the choice of dual bore slider (double scale)
- 3 interchangeable souls T1, T2 and T3 - each with different characteristics
- 3 thick spells: Heaviest - the thickest (0.71 cm), medium (0.635 cm) and Leghtest - the thinnest (0.5588 cm)
- 3 types of goblet materials: Yellow Brass (yellow brass: 70% copper and 30% zinc), Rose Brass (pink brass: 85% copper and 15% zinc) and Red Brass (red brass: 90% copper and 10% zinc).
In the case of spell parameters: the thicker the sheet metal, the greater the "power" of the sound, but at the cost of lightness. The thinnest goblet will give a little less resistance in the game, but with a slightly smaller sound projection.
The ratio of copper to zinc determines the color of the sound. The more copper in the alloy, the more low aliquots get the sound and the impression is that it is "darker".
Edwards also uses several technological processes in machining spells, e.g.
- Soldering or non-soldering spell edge (change in sound projection: the soldered edge gives a concentrated sound with a lot of middle aliquots, the un-soldered edge gives the player the impression of "faster response" and gives a wider but less concentrated band of aliquots.
- Hardening (adds shine and color)
- Double polishing
- Heat treatment (softens the sheet and adds darker colors. Not recommended for thinner spells)
- CF heat treatment (new thermal technology that replaced classic firing)

The T-350 model also has several types of sliders.
T-STDN - with a single mezzanine, made of Yellow Brass, manufactured on the Conna model
T-STD-AN - the same as TSTDN, only outer shirts made of Nickel Silver
T-BCN - with a single mezzanine, made of Yellow Brass material produced on the Bach model
T-BC-AN - the same as TBCN except external T-shirts made of Nickel Silver
T-DBN - double menzier slider - Yellow Brass material, especially recommended for trombone players performing the second voice
T-DB-AN - the same as TDBN except external T-shirts made of Nickel Silver

As you can see, the Edwards brand gives musicians great opportunities to satisfy musical tastes and achieve the highest level of performance.

Below we present selected components of the Edwards trombone applicable to the T-350 model along with their prices.

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