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COMPANY STORE K.M.E. Klingenthaler Musikelektronik GmbH
COMPANY STORE K.M.E. Klingenthaler Musikelektronik GmbH

COMPANY STORE K.M.E. Klingenthaler Musikelektronik GmbH

The history of Klingenthaler Musikelektronik GmbH begins in the early sixties in East Germany. Still as a private company F.A. Böhm has developed and manufactured amplifiers and speakers known on the world market. Such brands that Weltklang, Böhm Regent and Bohm Electronic are known to all. Like almost all enterprises in East Germany, F. A. Böhm was not spared by nationalization and integration in 1972. VEB Musikelektronik Klingenthal part of the Klingenthaler Harmonikawerke have since been known for electronic sound systems manufactured under the Vermona Regent brand. The products have been exported worldwide under trade names such as Echolette, Falkon, Matrix, Sound City or Kay. The next break came after the unification of Germany and the monetary union. Privatized through management buy-out, the products are initially manufactured under the MEK brand, and later under the currently recognized brand on the world market K.M.E ..

Today K.M.E. is a globally known brand that provides buyers with the certainty of getting great sound, excellent workmanship, durability and stable value for their money. However, from the beginning nothing changed in the company's message. Made in Germany is not just a label for products from Klingenthal, but a real company philosophy. Almost all stages of planning and development, programming, wood and metal processing, assembly of printed circuits, quality control, shipping and repair services are still carried out on the premises of former F. A. Böhm Manufaktur in Germany by long-time employees.

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